The Secret Vineyard Rosé Wins Silver at the IEWA

The Secret Vineyard Rosé Wins Silver at the IEWA

We were overjoyed to learn that we won a silver at the 'Independent English Wine Awards', earlier this month. 

The IEWA is an independent, consumer focussed English wine competition, set up by Alex Taylor in 2017. 

“English wine is such a buzzing, growing category, and we set up this specialist comp to award, promote and celebrate the creativity, quality and innovation of domestic wine producers from around the country - all regions; to recognise the best products on the market, and to help people make great buying decisions and discoveries...”


Alexander Taylor - Founder, IEWA

This year there were 150 entries in, from 70 producers. Only 10 golds were awarded - five still, five sparkling. Medal frequency came in ay 78% - which is less than other competitions out there.

There were 53 silver medals awarded. 

These are some of the judges tasting notes:

Lovely wine, feels like it comes from a hotter climate.
Creamy with a slight spice at the end - very good. 
Well made. Good fruit, nice palate with fruit and hint of spice and floral character.





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