The Secret Vineyard

The vineyard sits on a sunny ridge and is protected from the wind by beautiful conifer hedges with archway entrances.

The well drained soil is comprised of sandstone over clay and the vineyard borders an orchard, rich with biodiversity. Including, cider apple trees, peach and pear trees, honeysuckle, wild hops, wild strawberries and wild beehives.

We have a mixture of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay grapes planted, this allows us the flexibility to make both still and sparkling wine.

Our Animals

Our Ryland sheep Eric, Ernie & Basil can be found close by ready to help with weed suppression, accompanied by two alpacas and Zac the horse who help by providing manure for fertilising the vines. Not forgetting Po the tiny pony, who mainly just looks cute and gets stuck in fences!

We plan to experiment with using our chickens to help with eating weeds and vine pests, during periods when the grapes are not full of sugar and delicious.

Sensory Garden

We are in the process of planting a sensory garden alongside the vineyard.

The herbs and plants, fruit and vegetables planted here will be reflective of both the Sussex countryside and our wines.

So as a visitor you can immerse yourself in the aromas and flavours of the wines, matching them with botanicals growing in the sensory garden.